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' Babies' Day Out '

' Babies'  Day  Out '  by  Sanjeev  Shevade

' Babies'  Day  Out '  by  Sanjeev  Shevade  is  TheUntamedEarth  Moments  image  for  January  2013

" We  were  out  at  the  Karanji  Lake  in  Mysore and  were  following  some  Spot billed  Pelicans  when  suddenly  this  Spot billed  Duck  arrived  on  the  scene  with  its  six  chicks  in  tow. The  chicks  matched  every  twist  and  turn  of  their  parent  as  they  moved  gracefully  in  sync  and  they  seemed  to be  enjoying  this  wonderful  day  out !

We  could  follow  them  only  for  a  while and  just  as  quickly  as  they appeared, the  Spot  billed  entourage  disappared  from  our  site ! ... Ujwala, fortunately caught  them  on  video  and  this  is  the  first  video  which  has  been uploaded  in  the  video  section  of  the  Gallery !  

The  ever  vigilant  parent  and  the  chicks  semed  like  one  as  the  chicks  seemed  to  be  taking  yet  one  more  lesson  of   growing  up  in  the  world. We  had  never  witnessed  such  a  scene  before  and  it  was  truly  one  of  the  most  memorable  moments  of  our  wild  life  watching !

Spot billed  Duck : Anas  poecilorhyncha

( three  sub species : Indian, Eastern  and  Burmese  Spot billed  Duck )

Indian  Spot  billed  Duck : A poecilorhyncha poecilorhynca )


Sanjeev  Shevade


Equipment  :  Canon EOS  50 D  with  Canon  EF  100 - 400  mm  f 3.5/ 5.6

                        f 6.3, ISO 400, 1/640 @ 170 mm