In The Heart Of Incredible India, part 1 … Timarni !

In  The  Heart Of  Incredible  India, part  1 …  Timarni !

“where’s  that ?” … would  be  the  obvious  question, whenever  we  declared  that  we  are  planning  a  visit  to  Timarni. And  our answers  to  help  the  questioner  to  visualize  its  location, would  be  generally  unsuccessful … so finally  we  would  end  up  with  saying  that it  is  in  MP – Madhya Pradesh !

Timarni  is  a  small  town  and  is  growing … fast !

Since  we  were  to  visit  Timarani  for  a  family  gathering,  we  had  planned a  visit  to  some  near  by  places  as well,  notably  The  Satpuda  Tiger  Reserve.

Timarni  is  mainly  an  agricultural area  and  then  the  inevitable  market  place  happened. Historically, the  land was  cultivated  with  the  traditional  methods  and  it was  essentially  dry  farming, dependent on  the  available  rain fall. But  the  Tawa  dam  changed  all  that  and  that  too  very  rapidly. The  canals  brought  water  and  it  is  now  available  almost round  the  year. The  era  of  flow  irrigation  and  lift  irrigation dawned  and  now there  were  three  crops  in  the year.

Enter affluence  and  yes … development ! … and  the  rapid  progression  towards urbanization shows  up  everywhere … at  times  not  in  a  complimenting manner !

So  today’s Timarni  is  a  mixed bag, no  more the  sleepy  small  town  and  not  quite  the  big  city  and  like  any  other  similar  place caught  up  in  such a  transition  period,  faces the  danger  of  losing  its  essential  charm  forever  and  at  the  same  time not  shape  up to the  town  it  would  aspire  to  be !

… but  today, Timarni  still  retains  its  strong  agro  rural  backdrop !

And  there in  lies  its  charm !

I  feel  Madhya Pradesh  is  blessed  with  its  fabulous forest  cover, vast  water  resources  and  although  agriculture  has  a  strong  base, the  proximity  to  the  forests, which  such  towns  and  villages  have  enjoyed shows  up  in  the  rich  biodiversity  it  supports.

I  wish  to  take  you  on  a  small  outing  in  and  around  Timarni  and  you  will  be  as  mesmerized  as  we  were ! …  So  don’t  be surprised  if  you  run  into  some  blackbucks  or  notice  some  owls  on  the  way !

Unfortunately  and  conversely, with  such  an  abundance  of  local  biodiversity  and  a  burgeoning  economy, there  are  going  to  be  instances  of  interactions  between  the  humans  and  wildlife … with  wildlife  as  the  loser ! … like  this  jackal  which  paid  with  his  life,  for  being  on  this  road !

*** I  am  positive  that  there  are  enough  ’wild life  &  nature’  enthusiasts  in  Timarni  and  I  fervently  hope  that  a  sincere  attempt  is  made  to  document  and  share  this  abundant  natural  wealth, not  only  in  Timarni  but  also  surrounding  areas … along  with  other  tools, social  media  can  play  an  important  role  towards  achieving  this  objective !  

Sanjeev  Shevade

* In  the  heart  of  Incredible  India, part  2  …  coming  soon !

Brahminy  Starling

Brahminy Starling


Red Vented   Bulbul

Red Vented Bulbul


Spotted  Owlets

Spotted Owlets


Spotted  Owlets

Spotted Owlets


Spotted Owlet

Spotted Owlet


Siberian Stone Chat

Siberian Stone Chat


Siberian Stone Chat Female

Siberian Stone Chat Female


Black  Drongo

Black Drongo


Baya  Weaver  Female

Baya Weaver Female


Oriental  Magpie  Robin  Female

Oriental Magpie Robin Female


Indian  Robin  Male

Indian Robin Male


Long Tailed  Shrike

Long Tailed Shrike


Laughing  Dove

Laughing Dove


Green   Bee  eater

Green Bee eater


Common  Hoopoe

Common Hoopoe


Plain  Prinia

Plain Prinia


Laughing  Dove

Laughing Dove


Paddyfield  Pipit

Paddyfield Pipit


Crow  Pheasant

Crow Pheasant


Black  Shouldered  Kite

Black Shouldered Kite





Indian  Grey  Hornbill

Indian Grey Hornbill


Green  Heron

Green Heron


White  Breasted  Water  Hen

White Breasted Water Hen














Jackal ... road  fatality !

Jackal … road fatality !


Jackal ... road  fatality !

Jackal … road fatality !


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6 Responses to In The Heart Of Incredible India, part 1 … Timarni !

  1. Avinash Sant says:

    Very nice write-up & images. Only one correction sir, the image named Plain Prinia is of Common Babbler.

  2. Rajesh says:

    Shevas….one more masterstroke coming from the veteran….amazing images….congratulations….

  3. tushar patil says:

    Superb images … Loved the Black bucks. Nicely narrated. Thanks for the short trip !

  4. Sanjeev Damle says:

    It is a beautiful collection of Natures wonderful can imagine the boundary less peaceful world for their annual migrations across thousands of miles…
    Great job..Thanks

  5. sanjay vinekar says:

    Breathtaking pictures!
    Great intro to this area.

  6. Saudamini says:


    Great collection of pictures! And the narration puts it into perspective for people who have not visited the area.

    The Blackbucks look majestic!
    Waiting for Part 2 :)

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